What’s New?

General Features

Easy registration process

You can create an account providing us your name. No need to go throuhg the long forms.

Login via social media

You don't need to remember yet another passowrd. Login with Google, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin

Apply to different programs

You can apply to CEO Coaching, Legal Clinic and other programs offered by OPEN islamabad just by sending a message.

Guide books

All kind of guide books that you need for your startup or company. Including company registration, taxation and lot more. Coming Soon!

Success stories

Interviews with different successful people are published to let you know do's and don't of the entrepreneurial world. Coming Soon!


Members profiles

View profiles of all Charter Members, Associate Members and Student Members.

Members tags

Easy to filters members by tags either by their job roles, industry, interests and fields.

Message other members

Members can send a message directly to other members via built-in messaging system.

Easy membership renewal

Your membership renewal is just one click away. A simpe two fields form to renew your memebrships.

Complete communication history

You will get an email notification for all sort of updates ranging from your profile completion to account account activation.

Instant membership activation

Long waits before your membership approval do not exist any more. Your profiel will be activated instantly.

Profile progress

Guides you step by step to compelte your profile according to your membership type.


One click RSVP

No need to fill the long forms every time for each new event. Just click Yes and you are registered.

QR Code based check Ins

You will recieve a QR code to be scanned a registration within a second. No need to stand in long queues for registration.

Filter events

You can filter events by type, location, speakers, special interest groups an many more.

View your attended events history

A complete list of your past attended events is avaiable for your record along with your RSVP details.

Complete list of speakers

You can all details of the 70+ speakers who have been sharing knowledge with the community over a period of time.

View past & upcoming events

A Complete list of past and upcoming events with all the details and search options.

Regular event updates

You will revcieve regular event updates via email if you have RSVPd Yes for it.

Who else is attending the event?

You can see who else is attending the event and select the people you’d like to network with.

Add event to your Google Calendar

You can add the events to your google calendar for reminders.

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